Minority B.Tech Scholarship Online Test

Your 5 mins can help a MINORITY brother/sister become Engineer without paying B.Tech Tuition FEE

Who will pay  B.Tech Tuition fee?

Sahayata Trust Hyderabad in collaboration with Other Scholarship Providers will pay B.tech tuition fees of 150 Minority Students (Muslim, Christian, Sikh) who qualify in Minority Scholarship Online Test

Why Sahayata Trust is arranging B.Tech Tuition fee?

Watch 2 mins speech of Syed Aneesuddin, CEO of Sahayata Trust 


How to apply ? :

1.Go to minorityscholarships.in*2.Register and take online test anytime *before 25-Aug-17.
3.Test has 50 multiple choice questions from Intermediate syllabus (Maths, Physics, Chemistry).
4.To qualify score 20 marks


Donor is ready
There are many deserving students who can avail the benefit.We need to connect both and it is not possible without your support.

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Your 3 mins can help 150 Minority parents save 2.4 Lakhs (B.Tech Tuition Fee)
For questions please call 8712900055, email: sahayatatest@gmail.com

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For results/queries please write us:- sahayatatest@gmail.com, contact no:- 91-8712900055